8 days | 02 Mar 2024 - 09 Mar 2024

Mammal tour to Estonia: in the footsteps of the lynx – II

The Eurasian lynx, one of the most difficult to observe European mammals, is the protagonist of this adventurous nature tour. During a sophisticated search, we hope to meet this special cat. And as we track down this rare mammal, other animals may pass by. The conditions just before the onset of spring are particularly favorable: hungry predators actively search for food. There are hardly any people in the area and last but not least: there is no hunting. But by us, armed with optical material!

We stay in an idyllic location, home to the iconic Eurasian lynx . During our scouting trip Mark had eight sightings of four-five different lynxes in ten days. World class we now want to share with you!

Early spring is a good time for birds. Be ready for woodpeckers, hazel grouse, white-tailed sea-eagles, pygmy-, rough-legged- and Ural owls. We also make time to observe the active beavers at their burrows and there is a chance that we will see otters. Binoculars and cameras ready?

Rock & roll with specialized guides

Mark Kaptein accompanies this adventurous mammal journey, a seasoned ornithologist who also has a passion for mammals. He is extremely well informed about the animal species that can be expected and ensures a maximum nature experience!

The tour group is reinforced by a local researcher who knows the region like the back of his hand. A true connoisseur, who, together with the STARLING guide, knows how to thoroughly tackle the search for this imaginative cat.

It will be a journey with a high rock & roll content: slogging through the snow, looking for tracks of the lynx, nocturnal excursions to spotlight, long walks, … Perfectly tailored for real adventurers!

What makes this nature tour to Estonia so special?

  • STARLING provides you with a carefree tour by arranging everything for you in advance: excursions and local guides, accommodation, transport and meals where necessary.
  • You stay in a beautiful area where the Eurasian lynx feels at home, and experience the fantastic Estonian forests with all your senses, full of diversity.
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Get to know your tour guide

Mark is a passionate naturalist and born tour guide, who teaches you to track animals with great enthusiasm. He is an experienced traveler and tracker (professional tracker) with a trained eye, who likes to share his knowledge with others. Do you want to get the most out of your trip? Then this is the perfect guide!
More about Mark
Why our guide Mark is the best of the best
According to travelers Els and Hans

The guide was absolutely top notch! Mark is a crack in his profession: he has a lot of knowledge of predators and can therefore assess situations very well, perseverance, contagious enthusiasm and does not just go for ‘seeing’ wildlife, but for the experience. That’s how we like it! Also for atmosphere and cosiness and attention for the group a big “10”.

Is this nature tour to Estonia something for you?

  • You feel like a carefree trip that is completely planned in advance, so that you can focus 100% on experiencing nature.
  • You love nature, especially mammals.
  • Cold, adventure and – if necessary – sitting still for a long time don’t scare you off, because you are determined to see lynx and other unique animal species.
  • You are an experienced nature traveler with a good physical condition.
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Planning is key

Itinerary & Locations

The tour schedule is flexible and dependent on the weather, local conditions and observations.
arrival Talinn and drive to our accommodation

Arrival in Tallinn. From here a transfer is provided and you drive with our local driver to the ‘middle of nowhere’.

03/03 - 08/03
The search for the Eurasian lynx

We focus on the lynx, but also make targeted excursions to spot other target species. Elk, wild boar, red deer, otters, beavers, foxes,… are all possible here.

Return to Tallinn and flight back

After an adventurous week you will be transferred back to the airport for your return flight.

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Accommodation, transport and food

You will stay in standard Estonian accommodation. The rooms are immaculate.

Our group with guide travels in a 9-seater van. Every day we head to one of the lynx’s pre-charted territories. We also cover a lot on foot.

Food is standard but good.

Flights are not included in the price. With guaranteed departures, we look for flights that are suitable. You can choose to book the flights through us or book them yourself. Count on 300 – 500 euros per person round trip.

Climate and clothing

January-March is the full breeding season of the lynx. As a result, the cats are extra active (calling and marking territory). In addition, we can expect fresh snow during this period, which makes it easier to follow their trail.

It’s still winter, so be prepared for very cold freezing temperatures. With a bit of luck, the sun will occasionally come through, so that temperatures sometimes rise above freezing.

Warm clothing with several layers for winter conditions is recommended. Sturdy waterproof footwear is a must.

Everything for the lynxes

While exploring the area, we walk through forests full of obstacles: uprooted and fallen trees, canals and swamps, whether frozen or not, … A good physical condition is certainly required to make this trip.

Both during the morning and the afternoon we cover distances of three to seven kilometers.

We also apply the ‘sit-and-wait’ method from a high seat. Sitting still for a long time requires patience and discipline.

Something not clear?

Just ask!