STARLING was founded in 2014 with the only goal of sharing unique moments of nature or opportunities for photography with as many people as possible.

We don’t prefer anything above wandering around in nature, make wonderful observations, become speechless of breathtaking scenery, discover the most beautiful nature locations or to capture all that beauty in a picture.

The three main ingredients of STARLING are therefore pretty straightforward: nature, photography and travel. 

The best locations for nature and photography

We take you with us to the most beautiful locations for nature and photography on our planet, close to us or far away. Experience short and long nature trips and photography trips on every continent.

Our nature guides will look for the best places to experience and view nature at each destination. Our photography guides know exactly when you need to be where to take the most breathtaking photos in the best light.

Automatically we arrive at local, authentic accommodations. We consistently eat delicious dishes and experience a boundless hospitality. This way you get a unique portion of local culture on all our trips.

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Top guiding

We’re not exaggerating when we say that our travel guides are the best nature guides and photographers of the Low Countries. They are all equally passionate about nature and / or photography.

They share their natural knowledge or photography skills with our travelers and always go the extra mile.

Our own guides regularly form a team with a local specialist to provide passengers with an even better experience.


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Lovely fellow travelers

We consciously choose to travel in small groups (on average 6 – 8 participants). Only this way you experience nature or the photo location at its best and it also allows us to guarantee personal guidance.

Whether you are an experienced traveler or a rookie. Whether you have an enormous knowledge of nature, or are a pure enjoyer. Our group tours are for everyone who is bitten by nature and / or photography.

We notice that not only our guides, but also the participants are always ready to teach each other something, to help if necessary but also to drink a glass together.


The only thing you have to do: enjoy for the full 100%!

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Support nature conservation

We realize that traveling – and in particular long journeys – have an impact on the earth that should not be underestimated.

We therefore also consciously organize more ecological journeys in which we travel by car or by train closer to home while admiring our natural treasures.

In addition to that, we support local nature conservation with various trips. This way we actively contribute to the conservation of nature that we all so admire.

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In group, individually or traveling with your association?

At STARLING you’ll find something for anyone!

Do you enjoy going out with a group of enthusiastic nature people? Then sign up for one of our fantastic group tours. We consciously travel with small groups!

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Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Then the team of STARLING will be happy to assist you!

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