Exploring the world looking for the most beautiful experiences of nature, the fanciest observations and the most spectacular images: that is what keeps us going. In order to optimally enjoy a trip, a good preparation and the best material is essential. STARLING therefore works closely together with various partners. They’re happy to offer our STARLING travelers extra benefits.

Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris

For over 35 years, Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris has been organizing nature tours to the most ecologically diverse regions, where wildlife viewing and photography go hand in hand. Creating life-changing experiences is their main goal. Every tour strives for maximum time spent in the field, action-filled photography and good leadership during their trips. Smaller groups and adapted tour itineraries have further finetuned the tours after all this time. Their experienced English-speaking crew provides top-notch guidance from A to Z. An expedition with Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris usually encompasses sailing on the M/V Plancius, the perfect base for nature-oriented (Ant)arctic trips. At Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris, STARLING only selects the very best routes and ensures a transparent and pleasant tour experience from start to finish. Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris and STARLING: a top team!

Heritage Expeditions

The New Zealand travel agency Heritage Expeditions is a regular partner for our small-scale expedition cruises. Heritage Expeditions has been specializing in guided boat tours to various isolated regions of our planet for 30 years, where biodiversity is nothing short of amazing. Their experienced, English-speaking crew provides top guidance. An expedition with Heritage usually means sailing with the Spirit of Enderby, one of the world’s most famous boats for nature-oriented (Ant)arctic trips. By choosing Heritage, STARLING only selects the very best routes and ensures a transparent and pleasant travel experience from start to finish. Heritage and STARLING: a top team!


BENRO is our partner for tripods and tripod heads. Both for bird watchers with a telescope as well as photographers they offer beautiful and affordable products. Benro is innovative and has a lot of similar products in the pipeline. They work continuously to improve and listen to our experiences. In short, the perfection for nature lovers and photographers!


KITE OPTICS, the only completely Belgian optic brand! Kite strives to combine excellent viewing experience with unique technical quality. They manage to develop budget-friendly binoculars and telescopes that every birdwatcher enjoys for years.

Mr. Jan Gear

Mr. Jan. Gear develops photographic material of rock-solid quality. Everything is wearable, but nothing is not repairable! That’s their vision. Their photo bags, floating photo huts, travel bags, … and all other products are developed from practical experience. Logic is paramount and they aim for maximum efficiency with minimal weight without sacrificing quality.


Nikon is our reliable partner for photography equipment. Both their compact cameras and their system cameras and lenses are always very qualitative and innovative. Their range is diverse and offers something for everyone. The quality of the material and the customer service is top-notch. Nikon and STARLING are therefore very satisfied with the official cooperation.

Nice extra: STARLING photography guide Bart Heirweg was chosen by Nikon as one of her three ambassadors in Belgium.


SWAROVSKI OPTIK is our partner for binoculars and telescopes. These products are of unparalleled optical top quality and robustness. SWAROVSKI also offers excellent service. We are therefore honored that SWAROVSKI OPTIK supports the workshops and trips of STARLING.

Totally ready for your STARLING trip! When purchasing a SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars at Natuurkijkers you will receive a free cleaning kit worth € 43 (on presentation of your STARLING order form with departure date in the future).