Starling Tours takes your rights during data processing seriously. In this statement we explain to you how we collect, process and use your personal data. This privacy statement forms the general policy of STARLING in the field of data processing.

Starling Tours l.t.d, with registered office at Brandstraat 61, 9000 Gent, Belgium, registered at the Belgische Kruispuntbank der Ondernemingen with number BE 0544.546.716 (hereafter “STARLING”) is responsible for the processing of your personal data.

For questions regarding this statement and our privacy policy you can always contact For questions that are more than a request for information, we can ask you to identify yourself, so that we can be sure that we provide the requested information and data to the right person.

When does STARLING collect and process data?

Starling collects and processes information about you when you, as a participant, appeal to us for your vacation, when you subscribe to our free newsletter or when you contact us in a different way. If you are a supplier, your data or those of your contacts will be processed in the context of these activities. Furthermore, your data, as a participant or supplier, is processed when creating invoices and other accounting documents.

In some cases we process your data with the intention to present you our services (for example: you indicated to be interested in a particular trip, we keep the list of interested parties per trip and send a direct e-mail to you and all interested parties the moment we re-organize the same or a similar trip). Finally, we may process data about you because it is or may be important for our activities, for example to be able to call upon your advice or services.

Which data does STARLING collect and process?

We collect certain information that you give us and that we need for the correct execution of your holiday or other services that you rely on, such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc … and professional data, such as company name and VAT number, and all other data in that respect. Usually you give us that information directly, but it is also possible that we obtain this data from other parties.

The data may also relate to your interests in, or plans for, future trips or related services. Financial data must be processed in the context of accounting. Data about your position and activities are processed in the context of communication or public relations.

We collect this information when you fill in an online form or send us your data on paper.

When you visit our website, we use cookies, on which you can find more information in our cookie policy below.

For which purposes does STARLING collect and process data?

We process this information for our customer management (the correct execution of your holiday or providing related services or products and thus executing the contract we conclude with you), direct marketing (to inform you about the services we offer), supplier management, accounting and communication/public relations.

As far as our website is concerned, we tailor the content and ease of use as much as possible to you as a user. We also process your data in order to comply with the obligations arising from the provision of a website and its content and to enable you to make use of the interactive applications and services on this website.

What are the bases for the processing of data by STARLING?

At the start, we collect and process your data on the basis of the contractual relationship we have with you as a result of your assignment and the contract that we conclude with you. This is also the basis for processing data about suppliers.

Where processing is not necessary to carry out the contractual relationship, such as in direct marketing and communication, it is based on our legitimate interests as a company, in particular the freedom of enterprise and information. In doing so, we always ensure that there is a balance between our and your interests, for example by granting you a right of opposition.

Are the data communicated to third parties?

Your data is mainly processed internally in the context of customer management and accounting. They can be passed on to subcontractors we call upon. This is actually the case for the proper execution of your holiday and possible related services for which you rely on us (think of airlines, hotels, etc.).

Barring opposition on your part, they can also be shared with partner companies of STARLING if it concerns a trip that is offered in cooperation with or directly by these partners.

For certain punctual services or assignments they can be passed on to subcontractors that we call upon, albeit always under our control.

Sometimes we are obliged to pass on information about you. This is especially the case when we are legally obliged to do so or government bodies have the right to request data from us.

Your information will in principle not be passed on to third countries or international organizations.

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Your rights

If we process your data with a view to direct marketing, you can oppose this at any time. To that end, it is sufficient to contact

If your details are communicated to the other companies, you can also oppose this.

You can always review the data that we process about you and have it corrected or erased if necessary. To do this, simply request it from Starling Travel via with proof of your identity. We ask you to prevent this from being communicated to someone who is not entitled to it.

If you do not agree with the way in which Starling Reizen processes your data, you can always submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority (, Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels.


We take the necessary measures to protect your personal data appropriately. This includes extensive electronic security of our computers and servers, an alarm system at the office, closed cabinets, a separate secure accounting and a secure web environment.


Starling Tours reserves the right to change this statement and/or this policy. Changes will be reported to users via the website.