It’s our passion for nature that brings us together. We think it is therefore of the utmost importance to help protect our planet and all its natural treasures. We do this by supporting organizations with which we have a special relationship of trust. We strongly believe that this way of ecotourism will also locally make the difference. As a travel agency, this is a unique concept in Flanders.


Natuurpunt protects nature in Flanders by buying, protecting and opening up precious areas to the public. STARLING organizes nature tours on behalf of Natuurpunt, where you can travel with us as a member of Natuurpunt.

Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust

STARLING supports the Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust. This organization works in the Indian Trans-Himalaya for the protection of the extremely endangered snow leopard. Since we regularly travel to the region to seek and find this beauty, we find it a logical decision to support this organization.


WWF is setting up field projects all over the world to protect local nature and the habitat of endangered species. Where possible, STARLING supports their field projects in areas where we travel.