Magical photography trips, unforgettable nature tours: you don’t just organize them on your own. This STARLING top team searches every day for you for the best sleeping places, smoothest connections and most surprising destinations. A cozy mix of heads for languages and maths, wild dreamers and strict planners, creative minds and meticulous characters. With one common denominator: an outspoken love for travel & nature.

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Sabine Droesbeke

Logistics group tours

Everything going as planned during your trip? That’s partly thanks to Sabine! She is responsible for the final logistics of the group tours. Booking hotels and flights, reserving the tastiest meals and making arrangements with local guides: centipede Sabine gives our travelers a sophisticated trip.

David 'Billy' Herman


Traveling, that’s always a bit close to dreaming. Dreaming from new experiences and other impressions. That’s how it started with STARLING founder Billy. 4 employees, his own office and a lot of sleepless nights later, he still cherishes big dreams and wild plans. If he’s not busy answering thousands of e-mails and phone calls, administration or organization, you’ll find him outside, enjoying nature. Sometimes alone, but also quite often in groups. As a guide, traveler or photographer, because experiencing pure nature together: that is what STARLING stands for.

Johannes Jansen

Assistant manager

Every pilot needs a wingman. Johannes has been Billy’s regular co-pilot at  since the very beginning of STARLING, and provides the necessary peace in the sometimes chaotic cockpit. He knows all destinations and routes, and also likes to spread his wings as a travel guide. An indispensable link that keeps the STARLING engine running.

Siska Meersman

Logistics manager

Is your journey advancing exactly as planned? From flight to hotel? Then there’s a big chance that’s largely due to Siska. She thinks in departure hours and arrival times, and keeps one hundred tabs open at the same time. An irreplaceable organizational talent that effortlessly navigates from the Ardennes to Namibia, to provide travelers and guides with the best logistics. Storm or strike on the way? Super-Siska has the solution ready before you even discover the problem.

Mieke Herman


When STARLING is busy writing gorgeous nature stories, Mieke ensures that the books are correct. Because strong figures ensure a healthy business. Does the team come up with a (too) crazy idea? Then Mieke makes the balance. A punctual perfectionist that we can always count on at STARLING. By the way, did you know that Mieke is Billy’s sister?

Linde Jacobs

Communication manager

STARLING provides indescribable travel experiences. And that’s what Linde puts in writing. A creative copywriter with a strong sense of language and a huge hunger for words. At STARLING, she’s the one to place the dots on the i: from newsletter to blog, from social media to this website.

Joke Van Damme

Communication and marketing

Joke directs STARLING’s river of words in the right direction, ranging from the website to our social media, from newsletter to blog. Recruiting copywriting and inspiring travel stories, that is what she is thrives on. She also likes to put her shoulders under the organization of events, and you can regularly find her behind the STARLING booth at our different travel fairs.

Frederik Willemyns


Everyone can travel. You step on a plane and hope to see many beautiful things, you know that for sure at STARLING. Because we know exactly where your one dream species is and when which landscape is at its best to experience. Thanks to the best guides and thanks to Frederik. A world traveler with inexhaustible knowledge of nature, which ensures that STARLING is not your average travel agent. He advises from vision to strategy – if he is not on a deserted island or inaccessible sailing ship, that is.

Barbara Pauwelyn

Contact person participants

Questions about your booking? Comments about your hotel? Want to change something about your meals quickly? Or are you struggling with a crush on one of our guides? Barbara welcomes your story with open arms. She monitors contacts with our travelers from A to Z.

Noé Terorde

Group tours Wallonia

Ornithologist and tour guide Noé is the youngest member of the STARLING team. He arranges the organization of voyages STARLING from A to Z, all in collaboration with the French speaking team of guides. And of course Noé regularly guides a group of travelers into nature.