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At STARLING, flawless activity from A to Z is a must. Being properly insured is part of this.

A travel assistance insurance

When you book a trip or workshop with STARLING you can take out travel insurance with Allianz through us. The cost is 2.4 euro/day in Europe, 4.8 euro/day in the rest of the world and 8 euro/day in the USA and Canada. The minimum cost is 25 euros per policy. The content of the policy includes:

  • medical costs incurred abroad are reimbursed
  • reimburse costs for repatriation
  • medical follow-up treatment up to 6250 euros after an accident abroad
  • arrangement and compensation for early return for urgent reason

You can read the complete policy on the Allianz website.

ATTENTION: it is not the intention to cover yourself twice. Usually, for example, regular travel assistance is sufficient with your health insurance fund (World Assistance Insurance). Contact your health insurance fund for more information.

A cancellation insurance

In addition, you can take out cancellation insurance (also with Allianz) via STARLING when you book your trip. A cancellation insurance includes a refund of the canceled amount (à la carte insurance at Allianz) and amounts to 6.3% of the amount to be insured (with a maximum amount of 10,000 euros per person). When this amount is exceeded, a policy must be requested on request. Cancellation may include for the following reasons:

  • Illness, accident, death of partner, relative travel companion
  • Major damage to the home
  • Expulsion from the rental home
  • Involuntary dismissal of yourself or a family member
  • Divorce or de facto separation of unmarried people
  • Pregnancy after booking a trip (under certain conditions)
  • Organ transplantation

You can find the general terms and conditions of this insurance here.

World Gold Protection, or even Royal Protection

Are you an avid traveler who goes out several times a year? Then the World Gold Protection might be something for you. For a fixed amount per year you have an insurance that protects yourself, your car, your house and your luggage, and also includes a cancellation insurance and a compensation allowance.

For those who want to be completely safe, there is the World Royal Protection that pays back even larger amounts if something happens. You can also book these insurances via STARLING. Contact us for more information!

STARLING is also insured

STARLING is a licensed travel agency. We are affiliated to the guarantee fund Vlaamse Solidariteit Reisgelden and the VVR (Vereniging Vlaamse Reisbureaus, ‘Association Flemish travel agencies’), with approval number 9505.










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