13 April 2019

Photo report: birding the bottom of the Himalayas!

During early spring of 2018, a group of 5 STARLING participants traveled to Northeast India, on a birding trip to the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary. After an exploratory trip in 2017, this was STARLING’s first of its kind, of which we have now put together a great photo album!

This true birder’s paradise proved itself as the “place to be” for the most adventurous among birders. Especially when combined with the west of the states of Aranuchal Pradesh and Assam, the Eaglenest makes for an impressive birding trip.

This photo series by participant Pablo will let you travel through the bamboo forests or forested hills, dreaming away of localized endemics!

Click here to see the full photo series of Pablo Vercruysse.

Impressed? Be prepared to fall in complete awe when you check the full species list of this trip…

>Do the photo’s of Pablo make you dream about joining a future birding trip to India? Check our schedule for our next trip to India

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