12 April 2019

Prone to seasickness? This may help you prevent it.

Quite a few people don’t know whether or not they’ll become seasick. We are happy to give you some tips to considerably reduce the risk of getting seasick.

Before your board the ship

  • Sleep well in advance (this may be the most important tip to prevent seasickness)
  • Don’t eat extremely greasy food the day before and don’t forget to have breakfast in the morning. Never board the boat with an empty stomach. Cookies or small snacks during the boat trip are recommended.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol the day before the trip, and drink plenty of water during the trip.
  • Preferably avoid coffee in the morning.
  • Try to relax. Don’t think unnecessarily (much) about seasickness, because you often encourage the effect.

What do do on the ship against seasickness?

  • Take a seat at the back or in the middle of the ship.
  • Don’t read on the boat, look into the distance with the naked eye. Avoid looking through the binoculars.
  • Do you feel seasickness coming up? Close your eyes and rest (if possible lie flat and sleep in a stable place on the boat, which usually is the middle!). Dress sufficiently warm so that you certainly do not cool down.
Our ship effortlessly plows through the Arctic Ocean. © David ‘Billy’ Herman?

Which medication helps against seasickness?

  • meclozine = Agyrax and Postafene, without prescription.
  • dimenhydrinate = R calm dimenhydrinate, without prescription.
  • promethazine = Phenergan. Strongest on the markert. This is phototoxic too (which means: don’t use in sunny areas !!). Also certainly not to combine with alcohol. If you want to use Phenergan, you’d better take it in advance.
  • ginger extract

Did you know that all STARLING guides can also suffer from seasickness? Anyway, despite the legendary hours of ‘dying on the boat’, they still keep on traveling and enjoying fantastic nature tours.

Have fun traveling!

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