About Billy Herman

Before he could even walk, Billy was gripped by nature. That unstoppable passion for what flies, crawls, grows and blooms made him a biologist. He prefers to be submerged in nature with all his senses. Peeking up to a bird in the canopy, crawling through the mud looking for a plant or amphibian or asleep under an immense starry sky.

Adventure, good food and beautiful landscapes: that makes Billy happy. But also: macrofauna (mammals, amphibians, reptiles, large insects) and flora, and birds. His most sensational discovery? A new species for Belgium: an American spotted sandpiper who appeared unexpectedly when he was looking for plants. He decided he wanted to give others a chance too to experience the same kick he felt during that discovery.


Billy wants nothing more than to show, see and experience the beauty of nature to as many people as possible. He did not need more motivation to set up STARLING: a place where photographers, nature guides and travelers share their passion with the general public. His big dream turns out to be a success. With more than 75 group trips to all corners of the world and hundreds of satisfied travelers every year, STARLING has become an established name in the travel sector.

Passionate perfectionist

Discover new spots or hard to spot birds and mammals? Billy is your man. With his inexhaustible knowledge of nature and the places he travels to, he always gives participants an unforgettable trip. This drive is also expressed in his commitment to quality. As a tour guide, he is constantly on the go to pamper everyone. Delicious meals, comfortable transport and good beds: that is an obvious statement at STARLING. These high demands, both on nature and in terms of comfort and companions, make Starling the travel organization that it is today.

Billy for the friends

Oh yeah. To avoid confusion: the real name of Billy is actually David. But almost everyone has called him Billy for years. Who still remembers why, can always send us a message. Since about 10 years David ‘Billy’ Herman travels around the world looking for the most imaginative species. From numerous European countries such as Spain, Poland and Georgia to Morocco, South Africa, Vietnam, India and various South American countries with Colombia as the most spectacular destination. His most favorite mammal? The snow leopard!

40 years old
Billy Herman
Founder STARLING and nature travel guide with enormous all-round nature and photography knowledge
  • Founder of STARLING, out of pure passion for nature, travel and photography.
  • Is constantly looking for unique nature experiences for himself and others.
  • Always strives for quality: only the best destinations, accommodations and guides are good enough.

Billy has a phenomenal knowledge of nature, but also in terms of organization and group dynamics he feels very well about the best option, and he knows how to enthuse everyone. With the necessary humor!

participant four days in the Westhoek (tailor made trip for Natuurpunt-department Netebronnen)

In one word? Top guide! Billy really had an eye and attention for everyone. A versatile and patient supervisor.

participant nature tour to Spain 2018

A real leader with a sense of humor and responsibility. Easy to handle, well prepared and organized.

participant nature tour to Ethiopia 2018