About Ignaas Robbe

Ignaas is a born traveler in heart and soul. Professionally he travels around the world and during his holidays he makes two to three trips every year. Passionate about migratory birds, his travels almost always focus on birds. Travel with Ignaas and your observation list will be filled with rarities!

If you already take into account Ignaas’ short and long journeys to all corners of the world, you’ll get an impressive number of destinations. His favorites? Poland, Hungary, Israel, Chile, China, Kenya and the other African countries. In his own country he is an active member of the Natuurpunt Vogelwerkgroep Zuid-West-Vlaanderen. In addition, he is immensely fascinated by photography.

Feel good travel

In nature, Ignaas delivers energy. A positive vibe that he likes to share with his fellow travelers. Since 2005, Ignaas has been accompanying group tours, something that suits him a lot. For him, a journey is only successful if everyone goes home happy. As a companion for group travel, he also ensures that everyone feels good in the group and that each participant sees all observations as well as possible. He stands for good communication, speaks 5 languages ​​and is a true organizational talent. He also learned a lot from the British and American travel guides he traveled with himself. With Ignaas as a guide you are guaranteed to be in good hands!

56 years old
Ignaas Robbe
Experienced nature guide and birder with attention for each participant
  • Is a well-known bird expert and tour guide.
  • Speaks five languages.
  • Once saw an impressive phenomenon in Moorsele: a group of black-tailed godwits 'caught' in a snow blizzard.

Ignaas is an excellent guide. He knows very quickly how to identify and pinpoint a bird. He also has a large amount of background information, is very accessible to talk to and organisationally he stands on a high staircase. This is very important for participants who make a bird trip for the first time.

participant birding tour Israel 2018

100% fantastic guide.

participant birding trip Israel 2018