About Jeffrey Van Daele

A passion for nature only came to Jeffrey at a later age, but since then he has built up an impressive record. He loves wildlife and black-and-white photography and always looks for a creative way to visualize his subjects. Jeffrey is a much-needed professional nature photographer and teacher. And more importantly, he is one of our most popular STARLING guides! Would you like to join a brand new Fujifilm X Ambassador on one of his travels? Then book a place while they’re still open!

Born teacher

It is not surprising that Jeffrey has a background in education: anyone who attended a workshop with him knows him as a passionate teacher. For years he has inspired nature photography with breathtaking images, practical tips and his infectious enthusiasm. Jeffrey likes to follow that line on his numerous photography trips. His motivation? Pass the passion! In 2018 he founded De Fotoschool for this: the ultimate combination of evening education and photo club, where Jeffrey teaches about photography and socializing in one place.

49 years old
Jeffrey Van Daele
Born teacher with passion for wildlife and artistic photography
  • Was first a teacher and hobby nature photographer, but now combines both passions as a sought after photography guide.
  • Has the ability to make you look at photography in a different, creative way, even if you are already an experienced photographer.
  • He is the creator of the genre 'stand-up-photography show' and treats his fellow travelers invariably to a healthy dose of humor.

Very passionate, driven and enthusiastic tour guide! Can convey his extensive professional knowledge in an understandable way. Nothing is too much for him. Has equal attention for each participant and takes into account the different levels and personalities in the group. TOP!

participant photography tour Namibia 2018

A wonderful human, eye for every detail!

participant photography northern gannets Helgoland 2018

Everything was prepared down to the last detail and well thought-out. Always assisted and advised. Perfect guidance from the first till the last minute! Thanks Jeffrey, you were a real host!

participant photography tour South-Africa 2017