Lieven De Temmerman

Lieven is a traveler who feels at home on every continent. Because of his fascination for the mountains and forest birds, tour guide Lieven De Temmerman mainly focuses on birding the Andean countries and South-East Asia.

Birding has already brought Lieven to a diverse set of destinations. He already set foot in Peru, Colombia, Borneo, the Philippines, Ghana, China, India, Ethiopia, Madagascar and many other tropical destinations. His extensive experience in at-site logistics and the search for birds in challenging circumstances is invaluable as a tour guide.

All the birds of the world

For Lieven, there is little that produces the same amount of satisfaction than a fantastic nature experience. For example, looks back with nostalgia to an impressive mixed-species flock with – among other things – a variety of laughing thrushes in the equally breathtaking setting of a forested slope in the Himalayas. Or what to say about the intense enjoyment of quietly observing an antpitta in a cloud forest of the high Andes .

Tour guide Lieven De Temmerman is particularly fascinated by the influence of biogeography on the development of endemic (sub)species and migration routes of holarctic species. It is therefore not surprising that Lieven feels at home both in the (sub)tropical mountain forests of South America and the Himalayas, and in the arctic regions. In addition, Lieven has a cheerful and especially tireless drive to see all the birds of the world (well!).

42 years old
Lieven De Temmerman
Onvermoeibare natuurreisgids, gespecialiseerd in vogels.
  • Eén van de meest ervaren reizigers in het STARLING-team.
  • Hypergespecialiseerd in vogels: hij blijft gáán, maar blijft ook lachen.
  • Is ervan overtuigd dat natuurbeleving je zintuigen aanscherpt.