Piet Van den Eynde

Tour guide Piet Van den Eynde has been photographing for over 20 years, half of which professionally. In 2008, he traded his job in the financial sector for a photography career and has not regretted it for a split second. A year-long bike ride through sun-drenched Southeast Asia sparked his interest in using flash to capture beautiful portraits at any time of the day. Now he passes on his knowledge through books, workshops and as a STARLING guide.

Over the years, Piet developed his own, recognizable style, which he has since applied in a strong portfolio with images from Mongolia, Georgia, India and Ethiopia.

Professional photographer, author and image editor

Piet is a welcome speaker at presentations and lectures and also organizes numerous workshops on travel photography in general and image editing with Lightroom and Photoshop in particular. He has already published more than ten books and is currently working on a second edition of his book on travel photography, which will contain 101 tips for better travel photos. Also his book Flash! Flitsfotografie op locatie, has a second edition currently being published.

Piet has been ambassador for Fujifilm Belgium since 2012. Wondering how a travel photographer really works? Or what kind of images you can make while traveling with Piet? Check out Piet’s video channel on Youtube.

Own style

Pete’s favorite subject? Obviously he admires people from distant cultures. He prefers to portray them with a wide-angle lens: Piet likes to portray his subjects in their natural environment. Over the years he developed a recognizable style, which is a combination of thorough preparation, technical control of the light during the shoot and meticulous post-processing. Piet likes to translate the stylistic features you know from contemporary television series and films into photography. How does that work? Piet is happy to share his years of knowledge with you during one of his workshops.

Lightroom Certified Expert

In addition to being a photographer, tour guide Piet Van den Eynde also is an Adobe Lightroom Certified Expert. He wrote several books about this package, made video tutorials about it and knows the program like the back of his hand. On a journey with Piet you will discover how he gives his images that typical look in post-processing and how you can easily manage your photos on location. Don’t work with Lightroom? No problem. Piet also speaks Camera Raw, Photoshop and Capture One! After following a photo tour with this all-round photographer and image editor, you not only have the techniques to make captivating environmental portraits while traveling, but also a lot of images that can be added to your portfolio! STARLING is therefore proud to welcome one of Flanders’ best teachers in digital photography as a guide.

54 years old
Piet Van den Eynde
Professional travel photographer specialized in flash techniques and post-processing
  • Went to Ethiopia as ambassador of Fujifilm Belgium for a series of amazing travel portraits. And would love to take you along to learn how to make them too.
  • Is an Adobe Lightroom Certified Expert. After a workshop with Piet, your photos will look so much better right away!
  • Has already written 10 books on flash techniques, post-processing and travel photography, and is far from finished.