Pieter-Jan D'Hondt

Tour leader Pieter-Jan D’Hondt is a passionate nature photographer with a love for the arctic regions. You can consult him with all your questions about nature photography, but the same goes for his fascinating stories. Thanks to his strong field experience in these cold regions, every trip with Pieter-Jan is one to remember!

Talented nature photographer

Pieter-Jan started documenting nature as soon as his first digital camera arrived at home. His hobby slowly but steady morphed into his passion and way of life, and after a few years his free time was completely devoted to nature photography.

He graduated as a biologist in 2014 with a master’s specialization in ecology and biodiversity. During his studies he was able to propose a destination as part of an Erasmus exchange. He did not miss this opportunity: after a lot of paperwork, he was able to study for six months at UNIS, the university center in Spitsbergen, the place where he lost his heart. That same summer, his career began as a travel guide with the American Quark Expeditions. On board the expedition ship, he guided photographers in zodiacs and on land. He set out in search of polar bears and other wildlife that the far north has to offer and has since been unable to avoid doing just that.

Inexhaustible drive

After starting as a tour guide in 2014, he is gradually expanding his destinations. Pieter-Jan likes to have some hard-to-find species as main target on his travels. In addition to these main goals, he likes to divide his attention between different forms of photography: landscapes, aerial photography with the drone, night photography or macro. Anyone who travels with guide Pieter-Jan D’Hondt will be able to testify to his trained eye for spotting wildlife, the motivation to always give 200%, and smart tips for approaching and photographing animals. Be prepared to go for every beautiful sunrise and sunset. Let yourself be carried away by his drive to get the best out of every trip over and over again, and to push your own limits!


32 years old
Pieter-Jan D'Hondt
Biologist with a passion for Svalbard, photography and mammals
  • Studied at the University of Svalbard for six months.
  • Being in nature gives him energy and strength. He always finds a new challenge: nature is never boring!
  • Still wonders how swifts manage to sleep while flying.