About Yves Adams

After a few years of intensive knowledge acquisition at the JNM youth movement and at Wielewaal (now Natuurpunt), Yves started taking on nature photography. His passion for nature? This started after he was able to identify a song thrush in the garden as a child on the basis of a simple picture book. As soon as he knew where he could find which birds, he set out by bike to traverse his Leie Valley and photograph the most beautiful places.

He soon guided groups through that same beautiful nature and organized youth camps to maintain and manage the areas. Yves turned his passion into his profession and works full-time as a professional nature photographer. His beautiful photos appear in numerous magazines and books.

Unspoiled nature

As a tour guide, nature photographer Yves helps you to shoot that one dream photo and shares his knowledge with great passion: the ideal camera settings, the best views, and the exact timing. Thanks to his many years of experience and many wanderings, he knows the best places at every destination. Because that is exactly what makes a good photo or crack.

Yves has a preference for places where ‘normal’ people barely come and therefore fits perfectly in the STARLING team. In those harsh conditions, the help of an experienced guide is essential. He knows what a kick it is to shoot that photo you’ve been dreaming of for years, and would like to give you that feeling!

45 years old
Yves Adams
Professional nature photographer with a passion for guiding tours
  • Got the nature virus when he - as a little boy - identified a song thrush in the garden.
  • Is a professional nature photographer, but loves guiding and advising other photographers.
  • Gets hot from the cold arctic.

Yves is a fantastic tour guide. Competent, professional, friendly, patient, extremely polite, very diplomatic and always helpful.

participant expedition Svalbard 2018

Yves exceeded my expectations when looking for and creating good situations and settings, all day long, all the way. His tips and steering towards well-constructed and possibly technically more challenging images were also worth gold.

participant photography tour Black Sea 2018